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Location: Ollantaytambo


Author: Amy Location: Ollantaytambo This morning we started our second day working on the greenhouse. With the stakes already in place, the greenhouse was missing sides and a ceiling. Walking into the school yard, we are greeted by the smiling faces of young school children quickly followed by a large truck filled with freshly cut trees. Like yesterday, we unloaded the trees from the trucks and peeled the bark off of each tree. Whenever boredom or exhaustion kicks in, smiling faces of young children are there to quickly lift up our spirits. As supplies to peel off the bark began to run low, I pick up a nearby ball and am quickly surrounded by eager, young faces ready to play volleyball. Our small circle quickly attracts other children, campers, and counselors, and a volleyball match is born. After a morning filled with lifting trees and playing with children, it’s time to say goodbye. After all of our energy has been renewed, we explore the sqaure next to our hostal. Quickly finding a quiant cafe, we sit down and munch on bruschetta and fried cheese and guacamole. Ending the day with a nice, filling dinner, I look forward to tomorrow’s hike!