Location: Delhi

Today we said goodbye to Amritsar and headed back to Delhi, which I didn’t think I would be happy to come back to. Our plane took off in the afternoon, so we got to sleep in a little bit, but some of us, including me, woke up early to write in our journals, write our reflections, and do our note cards. At the airport, I read my college book, and some of us had bad coffee, really bad coffee. Fiona and I also did some “browsing,” (she bought shoes, and I bought a scarf). Landing in Delhi was so strange, because we had just been here, but yet I feel like all of us have changed a little in some way. When we were walking to get our luggage, some Indian man was standing there taking pictures of our group, and Wen let him have it. She asked him if he thought that it was right to take pictures of women like that and treat us as a whole like we were some attraction. Wen, today you became my new hero!

After a sickening car ride, we arrived, full circle, back to our original hotel in Delhi. Some of us, including me, are staying in the same rooms as we did before, and it is such a strange yet sentimental feeling to see everything that we’ve done since we were first here. Tonight was our ‘final goodbye’ dinner, and all of us got dressed up together, well the girls, kind of like excited girls getting ready for homecoming. We went to dinner at this restaurant in the trendy Haus Kazs village, and it was delicious! The best part was the amazing desserts brought out at the end! Just a few more days left of our trip, and a few more days left together, but I plan on making the most of it!