Location: Norbulingka, Sidpur

Today was our final day at the beloved monastery. We all shared a memorable last breakfast and made our final walks around the grounds. Then we threw our bigger bags into a taxi, grabbed our smaller bags, and made the terminal trudge up the 300 steps. The 300 steps, in case you have not been informed, are the long and high stone steps that lead from the monastery to higher Dharamsala, where our taxis were located. So, once we finished the hike, we threw ourselves into taxis and were whisked away to Norbulingka, the magical palace place that we shall be staying at for the next two days. I think Anywho, Norbulingka is cool. The entire place is meant for preservation of Tibetan culture, and it does so with style! Everything here is beautiful (besides the ants and mosquitoes), and there are also these rad stepping-stones leading from the guesthouse to the restaurant, which reminds me of dinner, but more on that later. Soon after we got to Norbulingka, we left to visit the Guyto Monastery, home of the Karmapa (third in command for Tibetan Buddhism). He wasn’t there, but it was still pretty cool. Now back to dinner. Sofia J turned 15 a while ago, but in India, we celebrate birthdays whenever. So Nutella cake after a glorious dinner made the night super sweet. Pun intended. Sorta.