Location: Beijing, China

Hi guys! I’m Eric. Today we had a normal day as usual: morning service and activity in the afternoon. I went to the baby home in the morning. It was really sad when I heard a baby girl had gone back to the state-run orphanage in Tai Yuan. She was a really cute baby. However, I was glad to know that she is finally healthy now. I hope she lives well in the state-run orphanage and gets adopted soon because the condition there is not nice. In the afternoon, we went to the calligraphy place. I did Chinese painting this time. It was fun and exciting, although it was probably my 50 time doing it. Painting Chinese art with my American friends is totally a different experience.

When we came back home, we played with the group home kids outside in the park. It is really surprising to see how the time flies. It might be my second to last time seeing the group home kids. My mind is still in the first day I met with the group. After the trip, I will really miss the babies, the kids and the all people in my group. It was such a great experience and I learned a lot from this trip. It’s sad to think that we probably won’t see each other again in the future. It is a depressing fact to think that although we are so close right now, maybe we are just a passenger in each others’ lives. But I will always put this group in my heart and remember this great trip forever.