Location: Cuzco

Today was a good morning with a later sleep till 8 and breakfast at 8:05 so it was a little bit of a rush but after it was all worth it. We got on the bus, and we were on our way to Casa Mantay, and we were so excited because we were going to paint T-Shirts which we did. But it was not all fun and games we painted this long railing that took us 4 hours. With all hands on deck but it was all worth it because after we worked and painted, everyone was super grateful.

We had a whole ceremony saying goodbye to each other, and we were really sad because this was Sacred Valley Service’s last time at Casa Mantay. They departed all of us with a gift so we will always remember them. I loved the opportunity to work alongside Sacred Valley for a farewell at Casa Mantay. Also, today was a great day because we got our phones back for four hours.