Location: Norman Island

I’m going to tell you right now, probably one of the most interesting things you can experience is waking up to the chorus of both goat squeals, and roosters on a 47-foot boat wedged in between two islands in West End Tortola, in the BVI in the Caribbean. After sunrise and several bowls of assorted cereal, Moko Jumbie met with the rest of Lifeworks and ActionQuest to learn the ups and downs and dos’s and dont’s of the camp. Then everyone took a short but sweet trip onto shore to explore the town (which has a fantastic coffee shop by the way) where most of us purchased food and goods for the trip. Then we departed Tortola via motor, for a rigorous hour and a half sail to Norman Island, the home of great snorkeling caves (where we got some rad pictures) and hiking trips to come (see tomorrows post). After our snorkeling expedition, we took our first sea shower, shampooing and jumping into the ocean. Which was a complete relief after the past 30 plus hours of airports and humidity? At sunset, we preceded to bonded over Sloppy Joe’s for dinner, discussing rap music and the possibility of invisibility. It’s seriously incredible how fast we have all bonded; we are already starting to become a family. This is seriously going to be an incredible trip, a shout-out to all our parents who made it possible for us to come here and to our wonderful counselors. Don’t miss us too much!