Location: Ollantaytambo

The first of July took our GoBeyond group deeper into the sacred valley to a local school in Huayllabamba. We worked with small help Peru to paint hopscotch, twister, and other games to promote learning the alphabet and numbers on the school’s courtyard. Wesley and Abby(myself) worked on twister, David, Lara, and Sienna painted the Spanish alphabet on the courtyard to help the younger students with learning, and Emilio and Bella started painting a large snake with numbers of 1-63 and the rest of us helped finish up the snake when we were done with our own projects. When we finished painting areas of the courtyard, we moved on to painting old water bottles as a project to reuse them and using them to beautify the schools garden. During the day, all of us got a chance to rotate working with playing with the school kids. We played soccer and telephone with the children in the beautiful field surrounded by Andean mountains. All in all, today was a great day!