Location: Tully River

Today was the last day of our amazing trip. We woke up early, as we are all used to by now. Lea was our leader today and was more than happy to wake us boys up at 5:30 AM. We were all excited for our day of whitewater rafting. It was about 6:20 AM when the bus picked us up, and we were all more than happy to see it was a large tour bus and not a little taxi. Three hours later, we arrived at the top of the Tully River where we began our 14 km rafting trip down the river! I don’t think we all knew how long 14 km was, well… at least for the Americans on our trip. We were all super excited, and some of us were a little nervous as well. We were separated into two boats, which consisted of six of our group members in each. My boat wanted to be an adventurous boat and experience more intense rapids. We came up with a name that we would all scream after every big rapid, which was “Party Boat.” Towards the end, we had lost most of our enthusiasm and were all super tired from paddling 14 km down the river. We were all super happy at the end, as we looked at all the photos that were taken by the photographer of our facial expressions when we went off the huge rapids. As I write this on the three-hour bus ride back to our hotel in Cairns, almost everyone is asleep around me, so I think the whitewater-rafting trip was a huge success. This concludes our final day of GoBeyond Australia 2017, certainly a trip worth remembering.