Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hey everyone!

Today, we all woke up and felt really refreshed because Krisz had turned the air conditioning on. Everyone slept really well except for Manola, who took one for the team and slept on the floor. After we ate breakfast, we went to the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR). When we first arrived, we started gardening. Most of us were picking at the small weeds while Wil and Rishi were cutting down all the trees. After we had gardened, we had to decide our devious plan for tomorrow to train the volunteers for situations in the future. After we got back to the boat, we ate grilled cheese, peanut butter, and jelly sandwiches, and some of us bought lunch. When we finished eating, we went to the pool and shopping, and at least half of the boat bought the BVI sailing team shirt because it’s super cute. After swimming and shopping, we went back to the boat and had to wait an extra hour to start moving because we had to wait for Riley. While sailing, we traded snacks and listened to absolute bops while Talula was throwing up in the bathroom for a solid two hours. After arriving, we got to talk to another boat, which we never do. Then we took our ocean shower and enjoyed Arnold Palmer while watching the sunset. Margaux and Rishi cooked us an amazing meal for dinner even though they used all of the dishes, so dishy pit was really long. After cleaning up after dinner, Wil caught a crab. We ended the night talking on the boat, and we are all really excited for tomorrow and to be back home in 3 days!!!