Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

This morning a couple of other girls and I woke up to work out on the hardtop. Then, we left our mooring ball and our new boat friends, Tropicool, to go get Covid antibody tests for travel day (which is coming up way too soon.)

Once those of us that left arrived back to the boat, we ate a quick breakfast of cereal and headed towards Road Town. We got to put up both the jib and the mainsail and go completely on wind power, which is such an amazing experience. It was especially great because we hadn’t had a long sail in a while, and we’ve learned so much and gotten more involved with sailing since last time.

After sailing for about two hours, we had a delicious lunch of grilled cheese and hung out for a little bit while we waited for the mechanic to get to our boat. Then, we all got to go into the shops along the Moorings dock. We got coffees, matcha lattes, smoothies, and tons of sweet treats. We got back to the boat and got dressed for mangrove hunting!

Like yesterday, we split up into different groups to look for and measure the mangrove propagules. We saw a bunch which made me super excited for the future of mangroves in the BVI. Some of us were determined to survey every single propagule, so much so that we got soaked from the bottom of our chin down.

The dip in the water ended up being super rewarding because once we got back to the boat, Em informed us that we were all taking real showers (not Hibiclens) in the heads. If you’re asking me, it felt like the greatest shower I’ve had in a while.

We then were surprised once again with takeout pizza for dinner, which was some of the best island food I’ve had this trip. We did a double squeeze on the hardtop and baked brownies. We did not have any evening program scheduled, so we all just hung out for the rest of the night with each other’s company. A great day full of surprises and great company!

Xoxo, #syv