Location: Baotou

Today was off to an early start for Sophia and I as we headed to THE apartment to make french toast for the group. After laying out a spread of fruit, honey, jam, and more, the group arrived to enjoy. We then headed to the orphanage for morning service, which was a great time, as expected. We met up to head to lunch at the orphanage, and at this point, we found out some of our group had gone back to the hotel, as they didn’t feel well. Those of us who felt healthy headed to the bakery for some delicious drinks, oranges, and donuts. Once we had some snacks, we took some time to relax in the hotel; this time mostly consisted of watching Jake solve Rubik’s cubes and perform magic tricks…very impressive. It was then time for afternoon service. Only five of us went, as the rest took some time to recover. Although it was overwhelming to have no assistance in a room of crying babies, this service was one of my favorites. I finally got the chance to bottle feed my main baby and even change her into an adorable outfit, while of course giving some major cuddles. Once we were done with our afternoon service, we headed back to the hotel for some rest time before dinner. Dinner was an assortment of different Chinese foods; the fried rice was was a big hit, 10/10 from all of us. After dinner, we all headed back to the hotel to pack for our trip to the grasslands tomorrow. Hopefully, everyone feels better for an exciting day tomorrow. Goodnight! (hi fam)