Location: Baotou

Most of the group woke up to the bright and beautiful sunrise at the grasslands. However, Arielle and I woke up as new members of the sick group. We ate breakfast at the grasslands and then headed back to Baotou. During the four hour drive, we listened to music. When I say we listened to music, I mean we ONLY listened to Jon Bellion, and occasionally Taylor Swift to which we all screamed at the top of our lungs (especially Aden). When we arrived, most of the group headed to THE apartment for lunch and then to Little Flower for service. I stayed in bed and rested, which gave me a lot of time to reflect on the service I have done here so far. I have been so touched by the smiles and laughs the kids have filled my life with for the past two weeks and will cherish these moments forever. After service ended, the group had our third forum. This forum consisted of everyone reflecting on the service we have done, how to share our experience, and ways we can contribute in and outside of our communities once we return home. We are getting ready for three days of busy traveling but in the meantime goodnight!