Location: Pisac and Ollytantambo

First, I was woken up at 6:30 in the morning when someone knocked on my door. Then, I got up and woke everyone up at seven o’ clock. Then I went back to my room to get dressed, pack my bag, and grab my medicine. I ate two banana pancakes at the breakfast room. Then, I finished packing my bags and went to the lobby with my bags. While there, I found my Aquaphor. I then counted my peers who were there. Suddenly, a flux of people came, and I could not count all of them. I then waited for a couple of minutes and went up the stairs with my bags. Then, I got on the bus and counted everyone. Next, we drove off to Ollantayntamno. Overall, I miss the experience and spending time with new people, but I do not miss the cold weather and the altitude.

The first stop of the road trip was the llama farm. There were both llamas and alpacas on this farm. I took a lot of pictures of llamas and alpacas, but mostly of llamas because they have dreads and come in more colors. It was also cool seeing others feed these animals. After seeing these animals, I went to the gift shop and bought a Kinder chocolate bar. After, we stopped and took a group photo where there was a view of the Sacred Valley. Then, we went to Pisac, which are the Incan ruins. The coolest part of the experience is that I could see many mountains of the Andes. One side of the ruins had a jungle, and the other had terraces. We hiked up to the top of Pisac, and although I was winded, I enjoyed the beautiful view of Pisac. While hiking up Pisac, I saw the mountain with temples filled with dead bodies. Then, on the way down I walked on one of the terraces. This was such a cool experience because they are gigantic in person. After, we ate lunch at a restaurant that had various foods, such as chicken tenders and spaghetti. Later, most of my peers went mountain biking, but some people and I rode in a van while they were riding their bikes. During the ride on the van, we listened to rap music. We mostly listened to Tyler the Creator’s new album. We stopped multiple times to pick up people who were injured or tired. I admit I was impatient, but at least they were exercising and pushing themselves. It was cool to see a drone work. Then, they finished, and we all got on the bus. We were finally going to the hotel. During the ride, I saw a hotel with capsules that hung off part of the mountain. Guests rock climb to get there and zip line to leave the hotel. I also saw a beautiful sunset.

When I got to the hotel, I took a nap and talked to my roommates. Then, I ate a pizza with ham and a pizza with vegetables. I grabbed a coffee mug and filled it with water. This was when I took my pills. Then, I took a shower. After I was done, I watched the stars. After I went downstairs and there was a forum about respect. We talked about how my peers and I disrespected others and a couple of acts of respect from the trip. For example, Javier helped Natalie with her bags. After the forum, I got the names of the places we went to today. Natalie came in and sprayed our beds with bug spray. Finally, I got ready for bed and went to sleep.