Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today everyone was up by 8:30, which was a nice sleep-in compared to our normal wake-up time. By 10 am, we were sailing away and saying goodbye to Anegada. We spent most of the day sailing to Sydney’s Peace and Love on Jost van Dyke. The sail was long, but I made string bracelets and hair wraps, and I got to take a long nap that was much needed. When we made it to our destination, we had a barbecue with all of the ActionQuest boats. Jimbo Jambo Robby Bobby dressed up in a funny polo shirt, hair wraps, and a big straw hat. After dinner, we got to go into some stores on shore, which was fun. When we got back to the boat, I got to watch Moana for the first time, and everyone sang along. One of my favorite things about living on the boat is waking up in the morning. I sleep outside, and it is very nice to get to wake up from the sun! I can’t wait to see you Mom, Dad, Hannah, Phoebe, and Winnie!