Location: West End, Tortola

Today was the last full day of our GoBeyond experience. We woke up early at Norman Island and proceeded to hike spyglass for the second time, reflecting on the things we experienced and learned throughout the trip. When we returned to the boat, we began the long process of cleaning the entire boat. This required us to have to clean each cabin, wash the decks and clean the salon. Luckily, by the time we made it to West End, we were practically done. We then got ice cream and hung out for the rest of the afternoon, enjoying each other’s presence before we all have to leave tomorrow. Being back in West End, where we began this entire trip, many memories have come flooding back. This has been a phenomenal trip. It was nothing I had anticipated yet so much more. I have met so many amazing people, heard some great stories and made some unforgettable memories that I will forever cherish. I swear I have never laughed as much in my entire life than I did on this trip. I have grown so much over the past three weeks, learning about perseverance, honesty, and responsibility. I would never have met these people or had these experiences without GoBeyond, and I’m so grateful for this.