Location: Anegada

Today we sailed to Anegada. The island was different from the places we had visited before. Anegada was extremely flat, while other islands were rocky and mountainous. In the morning we stopped to refill our water and then we set off. I got to steer the boat which was a bit nerve racking at first but it slowly became more natural as we sailed. We met up with the other GoBeyond boat when we reached the island. Our activity for the day required us to split into three groups. Our mission was to collect the most interesting list of different washed up trash. We set out on our plastic scavenger hunt.

My group took a route down the sandy shore. We weren’t on the windward side of the island so it required us to really search for the items on our list. We started near the docks so we were able to collect items that had fallen off any boats and washed up on the shore. The first hour we walked along the beach collecting different types of plastic, shoes, and a boat paddle. We were able to walk barefoot and the sand and water felt nice after a day of sailing. The trash slowly started to decrease until it seemed like there was nothing to be found. I was in a group with people who I hadn’t really gotten to know yet so I enjoyed talking and getting to know the others. For the next hour and a half or so, we walked along the beach enjoying the weather and wildlife. A few people spotted nurse sharks near the shore. We finally made it to the end of our hike and returned to our boats. The night ended with a late birthday celebration and some cake.