Location: Central Valley

Today we went back to the school to continue our work we started yesterday. We made cement and finished the whole floor.  We also finished digging around the sides of them to make sure the building wouldn’t flood during the rainy season.  I also played hours of soccer with this girl named Emilia.  She is about nine years old, and I talked to her a lot and learned that she plays on a men’s soccer team with her dad! She has a ton of energy and somehow never seems to get tired. Later in the day Marcus, Emily’s friend, came and joined us. I played soccer with them, and we practiced penalty kicks, and we all had a blast!  It amazes me how just by playing soccer in a small half dirt yard can make them so happy. It’s like the little things in life make people happiest here. They thought it was so cool that I played with them and they made fun of my bad Spanish grammar.  We had rice and beans for lunch with vegetables. The food here is very good. While I was working, I was talking to one of the locals that was helping us out and he was telling me how Costa Rica might be small, but they have the biggest hearts.  And then he said “Pura Vida” over and over again until I repeated it along with him. Later in the night after supper, we watched a movie together and called Voces Innocentes. It was based on the true story of a civil war in El Salvador. In this movie, we were immersed in Chava’s life, a little boy against the militaries of the civil war.  The movie was filled with emotions, and through Chava, we could feel the different things he felt, his sadness and joy.  All the group was touched by Chava’s story and the movie. We have all realized that the world is made of many good things but also bad things like civil wars.