Location: Galapagos to Quito

Most of today was another one of those uneventful days (to quote Bodin). However, we started the day at 6:30 AM with some awesome service at a playground near our hotel. We split off into groups with some students building stairs, some removing broken glass from the dirt, and others painting the swings and monkey bars. We worked with some very friendly kids who helped a lot. We added four staircases, repainted the playground to a more inviting and playful blue and made it infinitely safer for the playing children. After working for a few hours at the playground, we returned to sandwiches back at the hotel (which were very good). At 12:40, we left for the airport and said our last goodbyes to the town of Santa Cruz. We made it through the airport security in around 30 minutes with little to no issue. The flight was quick, easy and lasted no longer than two hours. Once we arrived in Quito, we returned to the same hotel that we left from to do laundry and eat dinner. After everyone finished off their burritos, we completed the day with the movie “Embrace of the Serpent,” a black and white film of indigenous life in the Amazon Rain Forest, which was super cool and informative. We all are super excited about the five upcoming days we will be spending in the Amazon.

Note from Staff:  While we are in the Amazon, we will most likely not have cell service or Wi-Fi. We will make sure that your children contact you once we get back to Quito!