Location: Chugchilan

After our delicious breakfast, the group loaded into two separate pickup trucks that would take us to the trail we would be working on. After a ten-minute drive, the group arrived at the trail, which was split down the middle by a trench that was no wider than my shoulders. Our goal for the day was to make the path, in Devin’s own words, as wide as a two-lane highway. To make the path that large was inconceivable, but we tried our hardest to make it as wide as possible. This work was strenuous and tedious, but also extremely necessary. Many people in our group played games to pass the time while working through the pain of hoeing the trail. This pain originated from the blisters, which had been caused by the constant hacking at the trail throughout the day. Some of the group, most notably Will and Felix, fought through the pain even though their hands were ripped apart with hot spots and blisters.