Location: Dharamsala

Today was Sunday, a lazy day, and for us, that meant shopping, shopping, shopping. Well to be more specific, a searching hunt and then shopping. Wen and Jampa created an elaborate scavenger hunt for us, requiring us to do everything from finding out how to say Is there sugar in this coffee? In Tibetan to learning and performing a Hindi song and dance. One of them was also to find a particular restaurant for lunch, so if we couldn’t do that we weren’t getting food! (Luckily, everyone got to the restaurant one way or another). My team consisting of me, Jill, and Aisha won! All of our hard work got us a couple of coveted Common Ground t-shirts, which is Wens cafe. After a delicious Tibetan lunch where some of us got to try Tibetan momo dumplings for the first time, we were given a couple of hours to shop and explore the town even more. Dharamsala is always colorful, in terms of the people, colors, and smells, but I think I speak for all of us when I say today was the perfect introduction to where we will be living for the next two weeks.