Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

This morning we were given the luxury of sleeping till 8:00 am, which was greatly appreciated by everyone on board. We started our day off with a nice breakfast of eggs and brownies that we made the night before. After our relaxed morning, we had a nice long shore time in West End, Tortola, where we started our adventure 17 days ago. Everyone was able to get in touch with friends and family and get some good food and souvenirs. We all returned to the boat around noon and headed out to sail to Road Harbor. The sail over was quite an experience, we ran into some huge waves, and everyone on the bow was jumping around and getting soaked by the saltwater. Once we made it to Road Harbor, we docked the boats and got an interesting lesson on mangroves and their ecological importance to introduce our project for the afternoon. We then took the dinghy’s over to a mangrove restoration area and started working to take data on the mangroves, make sure they were all healthy, and replant some that didn’t make it. By the time we left the day was over and we witnessed a beautiful sunset before returning to the dock for a real treat; we were able to take real showers! Everyone took showers on shore at the charter boat showers and returned to the boat clean and happy for Mexican night.