Location: China

Today, we finally woke up adjusted to the time difference. We got the day started with a nutritious and filling meal. Knowing we wouldn’t be back for lunch, the group made their packed lunches. We then headed off to a street market near the Forbidden City. At the market, we tried many new and interesting foods and candies including scorpion, squid and candied crab apples. Afterward, we headed to Tiananmen Square. There, we learned about the history of China, specifically what occurred in the square itself. We then headed to The Forbidden City where we walked throughout the palace. It was very hot outside, but we saw many interesting buildings and learned about the importance of each. After a few hours, we headed back to headquarters to get ready for our first Chinese calligraphy and painting class. Once we arrived, we began the class. Each person created their masterpieces and had the opportunity to learn different techniques. We also learned how to write different characters and create Chinese paintings. We walked home and were welcomed to an amazing meal filled with chicken and vegetable dishes. Now we are all preparing to watch the Last Emperor and can’t wait to spend another day in China together!