Location: Urubamba

After a full day of rain yesterday, we weren’t surprised this morning when we woke up to the patter on the top of our tents. Instead of taking the intended hike to Patacancha, we ate a pancake breakfast and started the downhill walk back to Lares and the hot springs. During our hike, we encountered tons of llamas and alpacas and even some cows blocking our path. After lunch back in Lares, we all decided it would be a great idea to put on bathing suits, run through the freezing rain, and hop back in the steamy spas. We ended up having a great time even though Rohnin and I had VERY shriveled hands afterward. Even though the trek didn’t go as planned, I think we bonded a lot as a group and had a great time! We’re sad it’s almost over but we are looking forward to seeing our other friends back in Ollantaytambo even if we won’t get to have tea time anymore.