Location: West End

Final preparations are being made in excited anticipation for the student’s arrival! With two Lifeworks boats in action this year the whole team has been making efforts to get everything settled. It is hard to believe after weeks of preparation the docks will soon be abuzz with new faces, all eager to meet their crew and get out on the water! The Spindrift II staff of your brave skipper Elliot and his trusty mates, Quincey, and Claire, have spent the past week intensely training and are super excited for their 12 shipmates to arrive. With supplies for turtle tagging, studying iguanas, school visits, and other awesome Lifeworks projects aboard, all that is left to arrive are the shipmates! We know we have amazing new experiences to come, and we can’t wait to start what is sure to be an unforgettable session. Here is an introduction to the crew of Spindrift: Elliot- skipper Elliot entered the world of AQ as a Lifeworks BVI student in 2007 and 2008. In Spring 2011 he hopped aboard Sea|mester’s Argo to complete a 90 day voyage with extra time in the Caribbean to earn additional certifications. That summer he came on as staff for the Lifeworks program in Ecuador/Galapagos. Having just graduated from New College of Florida, Elliot is looking forward to another summer in the BVI. Claire- mateClaire is a native Floridian who grew up on the water boating with her parents and five siblings. Her love for Global Expeditions programs came from a summer spent in the BVI’s as part of Ocean Star’s 40-day summer crew. A recent graduate of College of the Holy Cross, Claire spent the fall in Florence, Italy working as a photographer and currently works in marketing at a Naples based investment firm Wasmer, Schroeder and Company. After spending her first week of June volunteering with LEVE Foundation in Haiti, Claire is excited to continue working on various projects in the islands through the rest of the summer! Quincey- mateThis year will be Quincey’s first summer with ActionQuest, and she is incredibly excited to be working with the Lifeworks program as an EMT. Quincey is a certified basic EMT and Rescue Diver and is working towards attaining her Dive Master certification. She has recently graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Human Development, where she took many classes pertaining specifically to adolescent development. Quincey is passionate about food and healthy lifestyles, and she plans to continue her education in the direction of holistic nutrition and health.