Location: West End, Tortola

The Past 20 days have been a sheer pleasure and we, the staff, cannot thank our students enough for all the hard work they have out in. Twenty-one days ago these 12 brilliant young men and women walked onto the dock as strangers but now leave as family. Brittany’s easygoingness reminded us all to keep ourselves at the moment and appreciate the little things in life. Jaden constantly surprised us with his tricks and talents, and could always be found at the helm or pulling ropes to help our ship sail. Alec’s humor kept everyone’s spirits high, and we will surely miss his giggles and jokes around the boat. Anna’s happiness always made the room shine with positivity, and she was a true friend to everyone on board. Will made 100’s of friends all over the fleet, but that doesn’t surprise us, given his kindness and generous nature. Brandon’s subtle humor and good work ethic kept everyone happy and motivated on every project, from turtle tagging to playing with school children. Kennedy’s motherly nature and constant laughter made her a fast-friend to everyone she met, and her love of helping others is easily apparent. This was Morgan’s 2nd summer at Lifeworks, and she helped bring an air of excitement to projects, as well as aiding other students and staff on board the boat. Lexi’s ability to motivate others is incredible, and everyone looked up to her for her determination and graciousness. Trey has so many incredible skills and abilities; it has been inspiring to see him be a role model for the other students with his respect and hard-working attitude. Grayson’s dance moves, movie quotes, and other hilarious antics were outdone only by his compassion and gentleness. Tommy’s motivation and respect for others made for a great motivator, and his laughter and a keen sense of humor will be missed. We are so lucky to have been able to have this time with our 12 shipmates. We have watched them all grow so much over the past 21 days, and we know they will all accomplish incredible things in the future. We are so proud of all of them!