Location: West End, Tortola

It’s hard to believe the trip has ended and we are back on the dock in West End where we first met our students. The session has been incredible and last night’s squeeze question, led by Kathleen, really proved how much each student has grown and what they will take away from our experience together. Answering a question about what they will miss, showed how close the students have gotten and how many new friendships have formed. A powerful talk and hike led by Torin this morning back on Spyglass where we started and wrote down goals gave everyone a chance to reflect and focus on what we want to leave behind and what we hope to take with us. It was an opportunity to remember how each Lifeworks project, whether with other students, puppies, or turtles has impacted each of us differently. It is rewarding for us staff to see how much each student has bonded and grown. Lydia showed her love for turtles by leading a group to record data. Gabe exemplified his swimming talent by chasing down a fast hawksbill so we could tag him, while Riley and Jordan displayed great teamwork and Tamara great perseverance in joining Gabe on the chase for the turtle while Katrina was ready on the boat to help record data. Ryan and Jaq’s constant positivity helped get the boat back in clean condition for the session to end; while Kylie’s attention to detail was much appreciated in getting the girl’s cabin in order. Kathleen’s sense of humor and wit kept us all laughing through the final days while Carly and Sami’s much-loved talk of memories made us all nostalgic. The students will be missed! We had a lot of fun, and Spindrift II will miss our session one students, but we are so excited to see what session two will bring.