Location: Anegada

At 4 am this morning, the entire boat was woken up to prepare for our dawn sail. We grabbed our life jackets, and most of us fell back to sleep. Despite us being very sleepy, we had set sail in the dark for Anegada, where we will spend the next few days. We all woke up again at around 5 to watch the sunrise over the spectacular view of the open sea. Behind us were two gorgeous rainbows, and in front, the vibrant colors of the sun rising. We continued our sail to Anegada, where we arrived at around 8:30. The first thing that shocked me was how flat the entire island was. It was a single line on the horizon, with a complete lack of any hills. It was an amazing view. Everyone then piled into a taxi which took us to a local school to work on a project set by Julie. We were to build a compost area within the school to help promote a gardening initiative. We started by raking the area clean of all leaves and sticks. We also had the opportunity to meet the family of one of the teachers at the school. Her children were lovely and came to help us with the project. It was really nice to meet a local family and learn about their lives and what brought them to Anegada. Next, we used wooden crates and nails, where we hammered them together into the shape of a compost pit. We continued to pull out planks of wood and attach them to the body of the compost pit to create the finished project before raking all of the leaves back into it. When we finally finished, we were able to admire our work, and I know that we all felt very proud to see the finished project. After our hard day of work, we got ready for a BBQ at the beach, which was great fun. We were able to buy soft drinks at the bar and just relax by the beautiful turquoise waters. The family that we had met at the school joined us, and we all sat around and ate burgers, sausages, and chips in the sunset. We got our little dinghy back to the boat after a very long day, and I am sure that we will all drop into bed in a few minutes.