Location: China

Although today started with everyone crawling out of bed at 5.30am to make our 6-hour bus ride to Taiyuan, the rest of the day made up for our early start. The long bus ride consisted of snacking, sleeping, and watching a DVD of a Chinese pop concert. When we arrived at our destination the Yungang Buddhist Caves everyone was very excited to start exploring especially with the beautiful weather and the interesting Chinese historical laid out in front of us. We ventured into many caves and admired the mesmerizing relics that combined detailed carvings which stirred up enthusiasm for the group to crawl deep into a large cave to explore more of the magnificent landscape.  We ended up cooling ourselves off from the intense heat by dipping our feet into the glittering waters of a nearby waterfall. After our departure from the waterfall, some of the guys decided to show us how to “nihao in China” This consisted of them enthusiastically Saying nihao to every passerby. Their greetings were warmly received by locals and Chinese tourists, and a great way to meet new people. After an exhausting show of “nihaos” we all made our way back to the bus and headed to our hotel for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious Shaanxi meal at the hotel and then headed to bed to get ready for another early start tomorrow.