Location: Taiyuan, China

Today we had to travel a lot, but it was fun on the bus. First, we woke up in the beautiful hotel rooms we stayed in overnight then headed down to breakfast which was a sandwich veggie egg thing. Then went back on our bus to head off to the hanging monastery. It was magnificent. This building was constructed on the side of a mountain hundreds of years before modern heavy machinery was created. We spent about 1 hour there then went to lunch which was a pork onion sandwich on the go. Everybody loved it. Next, we had a long drive to a state-run orphanage and got to spend about an hour with the children there, which felt so rewarding and fulfilling to help them. We weren’t allowed to take pictures though. After that, we ate dinner at the most delicious noodles restaurant. We had broccoli, watermelon, beef cones and of course noodles with a choice of 3 sauces; pork, tomato, and mushroom. Then we ended our day with a traditional squeeze question and props. Then lastly we headed off to sleep in another hotel.