Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we got an early start to hike to the top of Spyglass Hill on Norman Island. The hike was very steep and, after it started to rain, very slippery as well! It was not a long hike, however, and we all managed it without too much trouble. The view from the top was amazing if a little foggy. You could see for miles around; both the Caribbean and the Atlantic were visible just by turning your head. While at the top, we all traced our hands on construction paper and wrote our goals for the trip inside the traced hand. The hike back down was scary as the rocks continued to get slipperier, but everyone managed without falling. We sailed for a few hours today, and the wind reached over 36 knots! The boys, unfortunately, forgot to close their hatch all the way, and the waves caused water to flood their cabin. The same thing happened on the other boat as well. As it continued to rain throughout the day, we could not dry anything outside, so we ended up setting up a maze of clotheslines to try and dry everything. The other hatches leaked as well, so the whole boat is currently soggy. We aren’t letting that stop us, however, and have continued to laugh the whole day. The chefs made fettuccine alfredo for dinner, and it was delicious! We have been playing card games since cleanup and are going over to the other boat for a briefing on tomorrow in a few minutes. Everyone is excited to go to the local school tomorrow!