Location: Planet Earth, (somewhere on the Eastern Hemisphere)

In the morning, we woke up at 7 am as per usual to eggs and cereal. After breakfast, we took our swagger wagon to Dew Drops, Little Flower’s baby home. At Dew Drops, we held and played with the cutest and sweetest babies. Two of our group took to a concept called “kangaroo care,” in which a premature baby is placed inside one’s shirt so that the skin-to-skin contact benefits the baby’s health. Many of us played with older children, listening to the little amount of English they knew and teaching them small phrases like, “Hi!” We noticed that despite their various medical challenges, they seemed extremely content and optimistic, and being around these children continues to make us appreciate what we have so much more- love, family, support, resources, opportunities, home, and good health. After about three hours at Dew Drops, we took the swagger wagon back the headquarters, jamming out to Pitbull (our driver’s favorite) along the way. Once back at the apartment, we had a giant feast, filled with all the leftovers that have collected in our fridges along the course of the past week. With our bellies full, and laundry drying on the racks (yes, mom and dad, we did laundry!) we headed out to WuMart, a local Chinese market/mall. We stocked up on food and clothing and rushed back to headquarters to pack and get ready for the long journey ahead. We are all super excited to get to Xi’an, and so far the overnight train is awesome (including Chinese instant noodles.) Wish us a safe journey, and we hope everything back home is as awesome as it is here, (although we know that’s impossible!) XOXO -Julia and Claire