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Location: Peru

The day started off with a great breakfast that definitely gave us the energy we needed for the day. This day was one of the most fun days any of has ever had. The counselors split up the group into two teams in which each group had to complete a list of things to do in an allotted time. The tasks ranged in difficulty and the more difficult the task the more points the team would get for it. Some of the tasks were simple, for example take a picture of a vendor. Some of the more difficult ones included teaching 4 Peruvians a card game named Kent. The winner of the amazing race would get a secret prize that would be revealed later. Some of the more moments of the day was when Sorrenna had to eat a hot chilli pepper. It was so hot that even hours after she had ate it she could still feel the burn. For one task James B. had to put on a Peruvian dress and around the plaza (one of the most embarrassing moments of my life).