Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was pure relaxation. The beginning of the day started with a 45-minute sleep-in, then we all woke up to the sweet smell of pancakes and maple syrup thanks to Camille. Next, we did a quick motor from Marina Cay over to Muskmelon Bay. Once we arrived, I explained to everyone that we weren’t doing community service or going on a hike but that we were relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, and sailing. Everyone was so excited. After a quick cleanup, everyone put their fins and masks on and jumped into the water. Everything was going well until a bit of a jellyfish scare. People rushed out of the water and looked down to see the jellyfish, but they were only a couple inches long and didn’t have a painful sting. Once we realized this, some shipmates went back into the water, while others started making friendship bracelets, and others went sailing in miniature sailboats called Picos. The day was flying by. It was already lunchtime! Mike the director of ActionQuest joined our boat for a meal of nice chicken caesar salad sandwiches. Once lunch was over, some of us gathered into Big Blue; the fastest boat ActionQuest has to offer, to go and check out some rare birds, the Brown-footed booby, a close relative to the Blue-footed booby located in the Galapagos Islands. The others that were not in Big Blue raced Big Blue back to the boat, but they didn’t stand a chance. Big Blue got back to the boat with time to spare. When we were all back, we jumped into the ocean and created our kind of jungle gym with the anchor chain. We all dove into the water and climbed on the chain having a great time, which personally was my favorite part of the day. After this, we cooked chili and rice and then enjoyed a lively Lifeworks Forum where we all shared our ideas about morals and our experiences with them. Today was by far my favorite day.