Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we awoke from our first night sleeping on board to some motivating music. We had breakfast and then went inside for a briefing about boat and personal safety. We got to know each other by sharing our “hot takes” before we left on our very first sailing adventure! We worked together to sail out of West End and into the slightly choppy water. We took advantage of the waves and laid down on the bow net, letting the waves completely soak us after some big drops. When we arrived at The Bight on Norman Island, there was an extensive swim test awaiting us. Afterward, we went snorkeling and had some fun in the warm, clear water. We all participated in a reflection activity, which we will revisit later in the program. Then came the yummy dinner of sloppy joes! For many people, it was their first time eating this dish, and there were some mixed reactions. During dinner, a seagull was relentless in his pursuit to stay near us and get our food. His tactic was to make us feel terrible for him because it appeared that his beak was broken, and half of it was hanging down. We dubbed him…Beakless. However, we soon discovered that this was a ruse! He was very much NOT beakless, and it was just something weird sticking out from his chin. After, we chilled some more and had an awesome end to an awesome first full day!