Location: Ollantaytambo, Peru

Today started perfectly with a delicious Nutella sandwich with orange juice. Once breakfast was finished, the crew headed out to visit a clay, coffee, honey, and chocolate factory. In the clay station, we had the opportunity to create our bowl. Afterward, we went over to the clay shop where was had the chance to buy the finished products. After the clay station, we walked over to the coffee house where coffee was picked and grounded. There, kids had the chance to taste and buy the coffee. Following, the gang headed over to the chocolate factory. James B. was under the impression that there would be a chocolate fountain like in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Instead, he found sacks of nuts, chocolate beans, and sugar that would be inserted in a grounding/mixing contraption. The final product was delicious, and many kids bought a chocolate bar. Finally, the students went over the honey factory.

Upon arriving, the students were flabbergasted on how many bees there were surrounding the precious honey. The bravest of the kids gathered up all their courage and grabbed and hand-full of bees to prove their bravery. Afterward, the crew headed to the shop where many bought honey. After the crew embarked to Lorda’s house to paint the bathroom. The crew finished the job with ease and marveled at the site of the finished project. The gang said their goodbyes and went back to the hotel. We finished the day with a healthy and nutritious dinner of pizza and soda. Tomorrow we leave this hotel and head to a new one near Machu Pichu.