Location: Sydney

Dear Diary,

Today was a great day. We had a lot of fun! I felt like this was our first real day in Australia because we spent the entire day here instead of just on a plane. We took a trip in and around Blue Mountain National Park, and it was really cool. The first part of the day was driving to the actual part with our guide, Trent, who was really nice throughout the tour and taught us about Australian slang like kanga banga sanga, which is a kangaroo sausage sandwich. Eventually, we arrived at a good lookout spot called Lincoln Rock, which had a view of the entire park and got some good photos. After that, we walked around a little town for 30 ish minutes and got some snacks, continued stopping every once in a while for a quick lookout until we eventually stopped for our biggest hike, which Trent calls waterfall walk. The actual walk to the waterfalls was difficult because we descended about 150 meters straight down a cliff face (via stairs, don’t worry), but the view at the bottom was amazing. It looked like it was raining, and was breathtaking. After hiking back to the van and eating our lunches, we went straight to a park where there were dozens of cockatoos. We fed them sunflower seeds, and they landed on our arms to eat them out of our hands. After dragging the guides away from the birds that they thought were pretty, we did a couple more side hikes to get to our final spot: the three sisters (a cool natural rock formation), where we spent a couple of minutes looking at them and shopping around the area. Finally, we drove back to Sydney, where we went to an Asian marketplace for some dinner that was quite exquisite. So far, there hasn’t been anything that has gone wrong. My fear of not being able to make friends with anybody has been quelled, and on top of that, I don’t think that I’ve made any enemies. I’m hopeful that it stays that way, especially since I’ve really been enjoying my time and people here so far.

With hope for the future,

Everett “Cool Guy” H.