Location: The Andes

Today was our first full day in the Andes. After a lovely breakfast of pancakes with syrup, we boarded a stand-up bus with no real place to sit. Our journey consisted of beautiful views of winding mountain roads and getting stuck in the mud! What an amazing beginning to the day! Once we arrived, we had time to visit a local market where we purchased local gloves, ponchos, and sweaters because it was very cold and windy. Finally, we began the trek back to the Black Sheep Inn. We started at the top of the Quilotoa crater that has a beautiful lake in the bottom. We continued our journey, and after one hour we had lunch. The rest of the hike lasted nearly five more hours with periodic breaks. Even though everyone was tired, sore and dirty, finishing the hike was a proud moment for all. However, showering was one of the best moments of the day! After a long and exhausting adventure, we had dinner, did a group activity then went to bed early.