Location: BangkokToday we started our morning waking up at

Author: Eloise M. Location: Bangkok

Today we started our morning waking up at 8 am and had a pickup call at 8:30 am, to go to the community children center which was about an hour drive where we were graciously greeted by the staff and the children where they danced and sang traditional Thai songs for us, we even got to play a version of Thai musical chairs! After we started to paint the outside and inside of the school, including window panes and doors and every inch and corner. We even got to paint some of the characters from Winnie the pooh including Winnie the Pooh, of course, Tiger, and Piglet and some very colorful flowers in the main room of the school. After much work, we all took a break for lunch where we were served a traditional Thai lunch. Soon after lunch was finished, the group was back at it and working hard again in the sun and heat. After all paint jobs were completed, we started a new project which was building a wall that would hold a garden that will be planted tomorrow. With all the cement making and concrete blocks being stacked up, the whole group kept it together and worked as a team to complete “the wall of Thailand” as we called it! Around 5 pm all the projects were pretty much completed, and it was time to head back to the hotel! After showering up and picking all the paint out of each others hair, we were super excited for our Italian meal where we all stuffed ourselves with tons of pizza and pasta since everyone kinda needed a break for the Thai food for once!