Location: La Carpio Tres Genereciones Homestays

Today we went for the first time to La Carpio where we learned the history of its poverty and met the children of a school. In the school, the conditions were drastically different from everything we have experienced in Costa Rica so far. Although the buildings were run down and the river heavily polluted, the children had gigantic smiles on their faces and were ecstatic to play with us. We crossed a steep, rickety bridge that connected La Carpio to another village. At the top of the bridge, Kaity noted that the people of La Carpio have very different priorities: most of them have radios and speakers and tv but cannot even afford food. Then we went to eat lunch at La Finca. Devin made fabulous guacamole. We then went to a coffee plantation and feasted on free coffee and chocolate espresso beans. After this long day, we went to Ana’s house to meet our new homestay family, and they make a very good eat and get to know us.