Location: La Finca and The Soccer Field

Today was our last day to work on the Finca, so there were many tasks to do. Everyone split up into groups at the beginning of the day, some going to work up at the cabin cementing the floor with local construction workers. Others went out to the garden to finish the bamboo fence; others helped decorate and clean the house and the outside. It was important that we get everything all cleaned up because in two days we would be taking kids from La Carpio out to play at the Finca, so everything had to be ready. At the end of the long day of painting, cementing, cleaning, and gardening, we went home to our homestays to get ready for our evening activity: a soccer game with our families. The families were a team against all of us, and though they declared in the beginning that they could beat us easily, we proudly scored the first three goals. Unfortunately, the locals came back to win the game, though it was a tough and fun match.