Location: Beijing, China

Today was the second to last day of the trip. I am not sure how to feel about that. I am going to miss the friends that I have made here so much but, I also miss my little sister and sleeping in my bed, but hey, that’s just me. Today was one of the slower days. It was rainy, so everyone was kinda slow at getting up and starting the day. It was a double service day today, and for those of our readers who don’t know, that means we have service in the morning and afternoon and depending on where you were in the morning, you go to either the Baby or Group homes. So I had Group home in the morning. Because of the rain, we spent most of our time inside our apartment. We painted theĀ children’s’ faces, and then we went to go dance in the rain. There is a little albino girl named Xiao Jie who is the favorite out of the GroupĀ Home Bunch. She loves to be picked up by me and some of the taller kids and loves to be spun and turned upside down, and we took her outside in large rain jacket that belongs to a 17-year-old.

Hopefully, there are gonna be pictures included but, it was the cutest thing ever. After all the kids left, and the movie ended, we had lunch. While everyone else was enjoying their hotdogs, I was eating a huge container of ramen because it felt like a soup type of day. After lunch, we went to a place called Roundabout that we went to at the beginning of the trip. There, we got sent to do odd jobs in the warehouse at the back of the store. I got sent to do sorting of random donations which was a lot more fun than it sounds. We found some pretty cool stuff. The highlight of the day though was dinner and what we did afterward. Dinner was at a place where they served fondue but with boiling broth instead of cheese. We cooked noodles, dumplings, and meat to our heart’s delight. After dinner, we headed to Karaoke! There, we sang until our throats hurt. We ended up getting home pretty late, but it was so worth it. Thank you, Lifeworks for one of the best summers ever. Thank you to our devout readers. Till next time, Sophia