Location: Manuel Antonio

The burritos were still sitting in our stomachs when we woke up for our 2nd beach day. This beach was a bit more touristy than the last but none the less beautiful. Throughout the morning, people relaxed in the sun played in the waves, or if they felt adventurous maybe bodysurfing or boogie boarding. Lunch at El Wagon was memorable. It is a day that will go down in history as Sofia and Julia’s successful attempt at making a pizza burger. Mainor drove us back down the windy roads to the beach to return for some shopping or more beach adventure. The biggest struggle of the day was getting sand out of places where sand should not have been. After a delicious dinner, a woman talked to us at the hotel about the organization her daughter had found. Kids Saving the Rainforest helps to care for and release wild animals. After we finished examining the damage the sun and salt had done to our bodies we all fell sound asleep.