Location: Húsavík

Our third day in “The Land Of the Midnight Sun” saw us making the seven-hour trek from Reykjavik to the northern town of Húsavík. We all started the day with a walk around downtown Reykjavik, getting coffee and also visiting the Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral.

We then packed into the van and started the ride. We enjoyed the many talks, games, jokes, riddles, and debates that occurred during the first half of the ride. We then took a pit stop for lunch at a beautiful farmhouse in the Icelandic countryside, where we ate soups and salads. Then, it was time for the second half of the ride. Though it was a long journey, we were all able to appreciate the stunning mountains and rivers that we passed in the van.

To stretch our legs, we all went shopping at a supermarket in Akureyri to gather all of our groceries for the next four days. We divided and conquered to gather a variety of items since we will be taking turns cooking over the next few days.

Our driver then made the great recommendation to see the Goðafoss waterfall just outside of Húsavík. We were able to walk directly up to the edge of the waterfall and explore the surrounding areas.

We packed into the car for the last time and finally reached our destination an hour beyond Húsavík, being a farmhouse with cabins just on the shore of Skjálftavatn Lake. Though the day might not have been as jam-packed as the last, we were all able to enjoy the scenery on the drive and the waterfall. After grilling up dinner on the barbecue, we are happy to be settled in our cabins by the water.