Location: Reykjavik

Hello! We made it! Today was a very long day for most of us. We started the day on an airplane going to Iceland and after five long hours we made it and went through customs. They asked the normal questions and we made it to baggage claim.

In the airport, we met Rai and Grisha two students from Europe then headed on our bus. The ride was long a pretty for the time that I was awake, but when we made it we had to get on another bus to get to our hostel. When we arrived at the hostel: 1. We put our bags to the side and headed to the grocery store. 2. Went back to the hostel and made sandwiches for lunch and chatted around. 3. Then we moved our bags into our rooms (I’m with Olivia, Josalyn, Leora) 4. We then looked all around the botanical gardens and found a jumping pillow thing which was super fun. The day ended good with some pizza and talking, but we are now off to bed really early so we can get a full night’s rest before a big day of activities tomorrow.

Love ya mom and dad, talk to you soon! Dearly, Maren