Location: Gauna island

This was a day of teambuilding I would say, because we had a big day of trying to catch the wanted turtles so they could be tagged ; we all worked as one to catch them, shouting and pointing like a monkey seeing a banana (if you want to be cliché ) We all tried but, no dice. Nick caught a nice little war wound for his valiance and bravery to catch a turtle that was a bit too deep. I enjoyed driving the boat, also being able to have a excuse to be bossy. So far the trip has been a exhilarating experience, making new friends that will be there for a lifetime, experiencing a new world by just putting on a snorkel mask; to be able to feel you have 12 other people that are part of your family. Its moments like these that you forget this is only temporary, so I say, that I will make the most of this experience and learn the qualities my staff have to offer. One of the staff members: Patrick , cut my hair and as weird as it might sound, we build a bond on that. Torin and Hannah and I get on when I’m not being a stereotypical messy teenager. Tomorrow we meet some locals our age. Another plunge into another culture; better go get my mask.