Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was the first day we were able to sleep in, but everybody woke up due to the smell of pancakes being made. We all ate the pancakes and cleaned the entire ship to pristine shape. The other GoBeyond ship came over, and we watched videos about water pollution and how plastic affects the world. We watched a couple of videos of Boyan Slat and how he was 17 and started doing Ted Talks. Now he is in his early twenty’s raising nearly 40 million dollars to his company to help end water pollution dealing with plastic. We then left and went to an old hiking spot that Action Quest and GoBeyond usually go to every year, but the hurricane destroyed almost all of it so instead of doing the hike we set out to remake the trail and clean it as well as possible. After that, we went back to the boat and ate some Kraft mac n cheese. Then we moved our boat to a private resort called Rosewood, and the bay was called Little Dix. At the bay, we started the process of turtle tagging. After about an hour and a half one person finally caught the first turtle. It was huge and was at least 80 pounds. After we caught it, we measured it and did all the statistics of it and released it back in the bay. We started going to a new place called Mountain Point where we brought both GoBeyond boats together, and we had a huge dinner with both boats to end the day.