Location: Marina Cay

Hello, there, parents, family, and friends!

Everyone around the boat is doing something different as I write this… Ella, Chava, Azi, and Lindsey are conversing. Adele, Zoe, Maeve, Gavin, Delphine, and Samaara are o the roof listening to music, and Sanaah, Jess, and Krisz are in their cabins getting ready for bed. Today was a rather “chill” day (as Krisz stated at dinner). We woke up rather late today (compared to most other days on this trip) and had a very long and slow breakfast. After said eating the early morns meal, we set sail (not literally) and went underway for the island of Tortola. As we anchored the boat near a beach, we ate lunch (a kind of soup that I don’t know the name of), which was made by our lovely chef Maeve and sous chef Azi. After the said meal, our deckies Gary and Zoe cleaned up (guess what, the deck), and we all had a large scrub down of the boat (we cleaned up all the collected dirt, personal items, and our bedrooms) so that Krisz could make sure the boat was clean, and let us get to turtle tagging. After confirming with us that everything was clean, we went to the rocks near the beach to look for turtles, to no avail. We spotted a stingray and a few schools of fish and were constantly surrounded by (what I was told by Jess) a kind of zooplankton, which were rather squishy when you held them. After said sad failing of the turtle tagging, we came back to the boat, pulled up the anchor, and made our way to the island of Trellis Bay, where we then connected ourselves to a mooring ball, took our saltwater showers, and ate dinner (again prepared by our chefs Maeve and Azi) which was a delicious Caesar salad! After we were done eating, Gavin, Samaara, Sanaah, Delphine, and I cleaned the dishes, and now we are back to where we started! We have been having a great time here so far and are looking forward to so much more! We miss you and want you to know that we are all having the time of our lives over here! We love you all!

– Logan :))