Location: Doka Estate, La Sabana, Piedades

Costa Rica has been our home for the past two weeks. It’s crazy to think that we only have one week left. We’ve built homes, and we’ve even rafted the Pacuare River. Today we spent our morning touring Doka Estate and trying various types of coffee (the French roast was one of our favorites). Although we didn’t get the chance to play baseball with the kids of La Carpio, we spent the afternoon discussing our two student-led poverty reduction days. When all of our planning was over, our guides surprised us with a hike up a mountain in Piedades. We were pushed to our physical, mental and emotional limits. Although the hike was challenging, we came together as a team and accomplished more than we thought we were capable of. In a matter of only two weeks, we’ve all grown in ways that would have never been deemed possible. We’re reaching our full potential step by step and changing the world around us along the way!