Location: Reykjavík

Session 2 of GoBeyond Iceland here we come! Today, Keeley and I collected everyone from the airport and hopped on a bus bound for downtown Reykjavík. After intros and name games on the bus, we walked to our apartment, which is situated a block away from the iconic Hallgrímskirkja. We stowed our luggage and took a minute to settle in before the group went to explore Reykjavík. Patrick spruced up the sightseeing with historical tidbits and a pit stop for some tasty sandwiches at Ingólfur Square in Old Town Reykjavík. We returned to the apartment for orientation and more get-to-know-you games and later wandered back to the heart of Reykjavík for a classic Icelandic meal of fish and chips. Tomorrow is a big day, so we are headed to bed early to shake off the jet-lag and rest up for a sightseeing, snorkeling extravaganza around the Golden Circle! Patrick and Keeley