Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning was a very chill awakening with pancakes for breakfast followed by sailing out of Great Harbor by 8 am. It was a short sail to Tortola with blue skies and no rain; everyone was on deck taking in the scenery. When we got to Road Town, we rallied quickly to get to where we were going to work for the day. Today we got to work with VISAR. Virgin Islands Search and Rescue is a volunteer organization. When we arrived at VISAR, they gave us a briefing on the kind of work that they do and what goes into it. Shortly after, we split into groups to start working. Some did landscaping out front, some organized the medical supplies, and some washed the uniforms. The volunteers at VISAR were very interesting to talk to, and they made the day very enjoyable. Doing service with them made it very meaningful because we are helping out those who help us. Throughout the day, small groups went out to monitor a mangrove site Go Beyond previously planted. After a long day of work, we all went back to the boat and sailed to Sunsail to take land showers which was a refreshing special treat that I feel we all deserved. Upon returning to the boat to sail back to Great Harbor, we were surprised once again by a pizza dinner! Compared to the morning sail this was a much more hyped sail because of all the excitement throughout the day. We anchored in Great Harbor for the night and got to enjoy a beautiful cotton candy sky sunset. We couldn’t resist but to get out every camera on board for a photo shoot with our shipmates in front of the beautiful sky. We ended the night by bonding on the bow singing and dancing to music because it is hard to be in a bad mood after a day of rewarding work, a fresh shower, pizza, and a breathtaking sunset.